Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine is an evidence-based approach to optimising your health through various pillars, including social connection, stress management, alcohol moderation, tobacco cessation, climate and environment, sleep, diet, exercise, and culture. Lifestyle Medicine can be helpful in reducing medication burden safely with various chronic diseases and prevent or delay the need to start medication for lifestyle-related illnesses.

Dr Verity Foulkes-Taylor

Dr Verity Foulkes-Taylor obtained Fellowship with the RACGP in 2019 in Tasmania. In 2021, she achieved International Board Certification in Lifestyle Medicine and is pursuing a Fellowship in Lifestyle Medicine. With a passion for holistic care, she aims to address the lifestyle factors that impact your health and work towards creating positive changes tailored to your individual needs.

In daily practice, she provides sensible, evidence-based medicine. She prioritises a whole food, plant-based diet, which can be tailored to different eating styles, such as Mediterranean, Paleo, or Ketogenic. Her goal is to inspire and motivate individuals to make positive changes that align with their values and lead to a fulfilling life. Instead of focusing solely on weight loss, she emphasises introducing and sustaining healthy behaviours that enhance overall well-being.

Completing her medical degree in Western Australia, Dr Verity always aspired to be a GP. However, in the current GP model with limited appointment times, it has become increasingly challenging to thoroughly discuss lifestyle factors and implement desired changes effectively. In addition to being a dedicated GP, she is a proud parent of two young children and has a genuine love for food, cooking, running, and spending time outdoors

Areas of Interest

Alongside standard medical care, she specialises in optimizing health through lifestyle interventions. Some areas of particular interest in her practice include:

• The Gut Microbiome
• Nutritional advice for fertility, pregnancy, and the postnatal period
• Menopause support
• Reducing cardiovascular risk through primary and secondary prevention, including improving blood pressure and cholesterol levels
• Enhancing glucose control and reducing medication burden in Type II diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions
• Stress reduction and management
• Children’s health (excluding allergy care) with a focus on improving immunity, reducing allergy risks, mealtime strategies, and introducing solids
• Improving sleep quality and managing jet lag during international travel
• Incorporating and maintaining exercise in your life, as well as providing nutritional guidance for established exercise routines and endurance athletes
• Sustainable dietary practices for environmental well-being

While the above list represents areas of expertise, it is not exhaustive. If necessary, she can refer you to allied health providers such as sports dietitians, exercise physiologists, psychologists, or other medical specialists for further specialised advice.

Preparing for your Appointment

When you schedule your initial appointment, our reception staff will guide you through completing an online questionnaire that will be emailed to you and automatically be emailed back to the practice on completion. This detailed questionnaire helps structure your first meeting and enables Dr Verity to understand your priorities and concerns better. It also gives you an opportunity to reflect on what you would like to focus on and prepare any questions you may have. While not essential, maintaining a food diary for 4 days can be helpful. You can find a template on our website if you choose to do so. Remember to bring in all medications, including supplements, so appropriate advice can be provided.

Your appointment will resemble a regular doctor’s visit, involving history-taking, examination, and collaborative planning. However, the primary distinction lies in dedicating significantly more time to understanding your health concerns during the history-taking phase. This allows us to delve deeply into your health concerns and gain a comprehensive understanding of your current lifestyle and desired goals. For the initial appointment, we allocate a generous one-hour time slot to ensure ample opportunity for thorough discussion.


Consultation Standard Fee Medicare Rebate
0-20 minutes $120.00 $40.40
20-40 minutes $200.00 $80.10
40-60 minutes $300.00 $118.00
Over 60 minutes $360.00 $191.20