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General Practitioner Fees

Consultation Standard Fee HCC/Pension Fee Medicare Rebate
Brief Consultation $42.25 $35.75 $17.20
Standard Consultation $82.55 $66.55 $37.60
Long Consultation $129.10 $109.10 $72.80
Prolonged Consultation $172.60 $149.60 $107.15

Longer consultation fees are determined on time taken or the content of the consult. The costs of treatment, investigations and procedures, performed by our practice, at the same time of your consultation may incur an out-of-pocket expense.

Please advise us at least 2 hours before an appointment should you be unable to attend your appointment.  Failure to attend or cancel an appointment can result in a non-Medicare refundable account being forwarded to you.

Failure to pay your account on the day of consultation will result in the fee being increased by $10.00.

Weekend and public holiday fees are charged at a higher rate.

Please ask the staff about our safety net arrangements. You or your family could be eligible for reduced fees if you attend more than 10 times in one calendar year.