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1905, 2021

Now Accepting Afterpay

May 19th, 2021|

We're happy to announce that we can now accept Afterpay, with refunds processed immediately on-site and deposited into your nominated bank account with Medicare.

205, 2021

Phase 2a vaccination

May 2nd, 2021|

Phase 2a COVID-19 vaccination for all Australians 50 years and over will commence from 3 May at Newstead Medical. You can book an appointment online at

2204, 2021

COVID vaccination

April 22nd, 2021|

Tasmania has the highest COVID vaccination rate in Australia, utilising 100% of our allocation. We still have spaces available in our COVID vaccination clinics for over 70s and those over 50 with a chronic medical condition, and we continue to recommend vaccination for these vulnerable groups as soon as possible. [...]

3003, 2021

Company Flu Vaccinations

March 30th, 2021|

Private flu vaccinations have arrived. We’re now able to provide on-site vaccinations for businesses, to avoid the disruption of employees having to leave for their vaccination. While we still don’t know how this flu season will play out, there are already a lot more respiratory viruses circulating than last year, [...]

1703, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination

March 17th, 2021|

COVID-19 vaccination will commence on Tue 23 March at Newstead Medical for those eligible for the Phase 1b rollout. Existing patients can book online if they meet the eligibility requirements (as per the Department of Health people with a specified medical condition need to provide proof of eligibility via My [...]

303, 2021

Urgent Care Centre Opens!

March 3rd, 2021|

On Monday 1 March the Urgent Care Centre opened! 4 years in the planning, we have hit the ground running with multiple varied urgent presentations from Day 1, and has been warmly embraced by the community as an alternative option to presenting to the Emergency Department with non-emergency conditions.

1402, 2021

Farewell Seth!

February 14th, 2021|

We recently said farewell to Seth, Dr Toby's son, who's been working in reception for the last year (you may have heard his deep dulcet tones on the end of the phone line), as he relocates to Brisbane to study at the Queensland College of Art. Seth's been part of [...]

1002, 2021

Dan is back!

February 10th, 2021|

Dan is back! Dr Daniel Kirk returned to Newstead Medical on Thursday 28 January in a full-time capacity, after he and Dr Verity Foulkes-Taylor welcomed beautiful baby August into the world (last July!). We're stoked that he has returned to our team, and he's now accepting new patients!

3101, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-out: What We Know So Far

January 31st, 2021|

We've submitted our Expression of Interest to be a vaccine administration centre for Phase 1b of the Astra Zeneca (Oxford) vaccine programme (i.e. for >70, those with chronic illness, ATSI >55 and high-risk workers not already covered) Bookings will ONLY be able to be made through a National Booking System [...]

2510, 2020


October 25th, 2020|

From Monday 26 October, entrance to Newstead Medical will be via the rear of the building (Waiting Area 3) as we renovate the main Reception Area. The Elphin Road entrance will be closed for 2 weeks, with access to Waiting Area 3 via the lift or via the door from [...]

1110, 2020

Dr Sandra Newfield joins Newstead Medical!

October 11th, 2020|

Having spent the last two years doing locums in Tasmania, Dr Sandra Newfield and her husband relocated from Wollongong to Launceston in early 2020, just before COVID-19 reached our shores! She enjoys all aspects of General Practice, and is working with us on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sandra loves gardening, walking [...]

2409, 2020

Telehealth Fee Changes

September 24th, 2020|

Following the recently announced changes to COVID-19 Medicare incentives our consultation fees for Telehealth appointments will change. This change will take effect on Thursday 1 October. Updated fee information is available on our website.

1508, 2020

Possums Programme

August 15th, 2020|

Dr Georgia Bavin has a special interest in women’s health and the care of mothers and babies in the first year of life including infant sleep, feeding, unsettled behaviour, and maternal mental health. She follows a holistic evidenced-based approach termed Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC or the Possums programme) and is [...]

3103, 2020

Telehealth Consultations

March 31st, 2020|

We’ve moved to primarily telephone and video consultations, which are now available to ALL Australians. Did you know that up to 80% of the information we gather from patients is from their history alone (rather than examination)? We know that most of you prefer to see your GP in person, [...]

1603, 2020


March 16th, 2020|

Too sick to come to the doctor, or concerned you may be at risk of contracting COVID-19 by coming in? The Australian Government Department of Health has recently announced that eligible patients may choose to consult per video or telephone. Specifically, if you meet the current national triage protocol criteria for suspected [...]

2502, 2020

Georgia is Back!

February 25th, 2020|

Dr Georgia Bavin returned from maternity leave this month! We were of course sad to farewell some of our excellent recent registrars (some of whom we hope will return!) this month, though are looking forward to introducing some absolutely amazing doctors to you over the next few weeks!

2711, 2019

Save Medevac

November 27th, 2019|

We support the RACGP in calling for Medevac to be saved, which gives doctors, not administrators, greater power in determining whether refugees on Manus or Nauru require transfer to Australia for medical treatment. The Minister for Home Affairs retains ultimate decision-making capacity for transfers, though we agree on the importance [...]

2409, 2019

Free Measles Vaccination

September 24th, 2019|

Tasmanians born between 1966 and 1994 may not be fully immunised for measles. We were recently visited by Health Minister Sarah Courtney to announce the rollout out a free, State-subsidised catch-up vaccination for those eligible, as well as children between 6-12 months travelling to high-risk areas. Measles is an extremely [...]

2307, 2019

My Health Record

July 23rd, 2019|

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Within the next few weeks, all pathology and radiology tests that you have performed will be AUTOMATICALLY UPLOADED to My Health Record, which 90% of Australians now have. While we think this is a good idea, some people may not want sensitive results visible to other health-care providers. You [...]

1007, 2019

Do the dab!

July 10th, 2019|

Flu season is in full swing, so please try to minimise contact with others if experiencing symptoms, especially younger people and the elderly, and let us know if you think you have the flu when booking in. Alcohol-based hand rubs help limit spread, as the flu can live for up [...]

3006, 2019

Nip Allergies in the Bub

June 30th, 2019|

Did you know that Australia has the highest rate of food allergies in the world, with 1 in 10 infants having a food allergy, a rate double that of 10 years ago? A new campaign has just been launched encouraging the introduction of smooth peanut butter and well-cooked egg from [...]

206, 2019

Flu Vaccine in Short Supply

June 2nd, 2019|

As you probably know there’s been an unprecedented rush on flu vaccines this year (for good reason) and they’re now in scarce supply.Though over 12 million Australians have already been vaccinated, another 400,000 vaccines will be arriving in Australia in the next fortnight for those not yet covered

2704, 2019

Flu Season 2019

April 27th, 2019|

Flu shots have arrived! So this is what we know so far: experts have predicted this may be the worst flu season ever, with over 26000 cases confirmed so far and over 4000 deaths predicted. The season has started far earlier than in previous years so we're vaccinating earlier, even [...]

2402, 2019

Final meningococcal vaccines

February 24th, 2019|

For those not yet covered, for a limited time there are still Tasmanian government-funded meningococcal ACWY vaccines available for all Tasmanians born after 1 August 1997, though in April the vaccines will only be available for adolescents in Year 10 through the school-based programme, and as catch up for 15-19 [...]

2302, 2019

Dr Toby Gardner in this month’s General Practice Matters

February 23rd, 2019|

Dr Toby Gardner thought about going to art school long before he considered a career in general practice. "Nowadays however, I can't imagine myself doing anything else - except wine-making,” he says. Find out more in this fortnight's General Practice Matters:

3001, 2019

Australia Day Honours for A/Prof Don McTaggart

January 30th, 2019|

Congratulations to Tasmanian recipients of Australia Days honours, particularly local indefatigable cardiologist A/Prof Don McTaggart (AM), who set up the first ICU in the state at the North West Regional Hospital offered the first echocardiographic service in Tasmania, was the first cardiologist at the Launceston General Hospital and is still [...]

1201, 2019

Treating people suffering the effects of extreme heat

January 12th, 2019|

As politicians argue over climate change policy, GPs continue to be at the forefront of treating people suffering the effects of extreme heat. 2018 was the third hottest year on record, and so far, we think you’d agree this Summer has been a scorcher! As well as being more subject [...]

1001, 2019

Dr Rob Van Der Vlist hung up his stethoscope

January 10th, 2019|

After almost 35 years at Newstead Medical, Dr Rob Van Der Vlist hung up his stethoscope on 14 December 2018. Rob has made such a positive impact on many thousands of people over the course of his life and will be sorely missed. Rob bid farewell to many of his [...]

901, 2019

February will see the departure of 3 GP Registrars

January 9th, 2019|

February will see the departure of 3 GP Registrars, Dr James Tan, Dr Karinna Fyfe and Dr Boon Sie, as we welcome 5 new GP Registrars to Newstead Medical: Dr Verity Foulkes-Taylor, Dr Daniel Kirk, Dr Jason Jeffery, Dr Nicole Hutchens and Dr Adam Woodbury. GP Registrars are fully qualified [...]

801, 2019

More Australian five-year-olds are fully immunised than ever before

January 8th, 2019|

More Australian five-year-olds are fully immunised than ever before, new data has revealed, with rates at a high of 94.52%. Herd Immunity is when enough of the population has been vaccinated, so that even those who are too young or immune-compromised for vaccination are also protected. When the disease has [...]